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My name is Rylie Bibaud, I am a Registered Massage Therapist & Certified Lensen Therapist at Knots In Knead.


I’m a small town girl that found out early, from family members, that I was intuitive, had strong hands and had a knack for massage.  


After high school, I worked a few different places such as; working with the elderly in a seniors lodge, in customer service, and administration in the oilfield.  All of which I loved, but they didn’t give me that sense of desire, drive, and deep satisfaction by being able to help people.


It was after being laid off from the oilfield that I decided to pursue my dreams!  Something about when a door closes a window opens?  Well, that was my opportunity to enroll in the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy in Red Deer Alberta. I was quickly enthralled in learning how the body works.  All the little intricacies of muscle insertions, how everything is connected, and how to use trigger points and other modalities to help reduce muscle pain and tension in the body.  


I took Relaxation Massage in the first year of school, but the second year delved deep into the Advanced Lensen and Therapeutic Treatments Program for Clinical Assessment and Correction Specialization.  This program is designed to give manual osteopathic techniques used to realign bones, joints and muscles with the emphasis on acute and chronic pain found in the soft tissues and associated structures of the body.  Needless to say, this was definitely right up my alley!  


My enthusiasm and passion has flourished and I can’t tell you how excited, focused and committed I am to be able to help you on your journey to feel your best!

Owner at Knots In Knead

Registered Massage Therapist

 & Certified Lensen Therapist


About Me >

My name is Savannah Holzapfel and I am a Registered Massage Therapist at Knots in Knead.


In high school, I discovered my fascination for human biology. The interconnectedness of the body drew me in and inspired me to learn more. During this time, I was involved in two motor vehicle accidents that left me struggling to move my neck and upper body due to whip lash. It was then that I discovered the incredible healing power of massage. After many hours of treatment and asking my massage therapist way too many questions, I had my mobility back and was more interested than ever in learning more about massage.


After graduating high school and taking two years off to work and travel, I decided pursue my interests and delved into the world of massage therapy. In September 2018, I was accepted into the 3000hr Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program at MaKami College. I instantly fell in love. My enthusiasm grew as I learned more about the mind body connection and how to apply my knowledge to hands on treatment. After completing my 500hr practicum and receiving my diploma, I am more confident and excited than ever and ready to use my education to improve the health and wellbeing of my clients.

Registered Massage Therapist