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What is a "Trigger Point"?

A "trigger point"- in this case, is a point system created by us at Knots In Knead used to reward our clients for loyalty, purchases, google reviews, and referrals.

Scroll down to see Trigger Point Rewards!

$1 = 1 Trigger Point

Finally get Rewarded for taking care of yourself!

Trigger Point Rewards

200 TPs = Free Foot Scrub

300 TPs = Free Myofascial Cupping Add-On

350 TPs = Free Hot Stone Add-On

500 TPs = Free 30 Minute Upgrade

1500 TPs = Free 60 Minute Massage

* Think someone else could benefit from your points? Donations of points are always welcomed. Donated points will go towards giving someone in need a 30 minute treatment. Points can be donated at any check point and are very much appreciated.

Thank - You.

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